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Heathrow Express

Travelling at the speed of life. Four of sixty-four image designs reflecting the calm and ease of traveling on the Heathrow Express to and from central London. The designs were projected 50ft in size at the Heathrow station to ambient sound at an event attended by the Prime Minister.


Interview to Computer Arts Magazine

The designs had to communicate themes of speed and calmness, to represent the Heathrow Express travelling experience, explains graphic designer, Matt. I scanned in hundreds of photos and extracted abstract symbols of these themes, then dropped them into imaginary landscapes. I made 64 designs, each one projected 50 feet in size to ambient sound. I like to digitally pull photographic images apart and then create something new from their pieces, he adds.This can involve many techniques, such as splitting up colour channels to totally re-mapping pixel values, using the various image adjust tools. I'm now working on abstract designs where I start by removing all the out-of-gamut colours of an image.


Computer Arts Magazine Issue 70

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